About Soyini

Soyini Taylor is the eldest, and only daughter of Rae and Jim Taylor, and insists she isn't spoiled!
Born and raised in Oakland, Soyini never thought about living anywhere outside of California. But during her sophomore year in college, she did a study abroad program that brought her to the Washington, DC area as an exchange student at Bowie State University (MD). She also traveled to China as an exchange student there in her senior year of college. She returned to the Washington, DC area to begin her career in sales and marketing.
Later, after working in corporate America at Bank of America, Xerox, and DHL, she went back to school and earned her Master's in Business Administration (MBA) in May 2012. She is currently a life coach, and author of a motivational self-help book.

She enjoys studying foreign culture, traveling, fitness, yoga (Zumba and Pilates) and food.


About Brian

Brian M. Walton is an award-winning teacher, speaker, and CEO of Red Carpet DC. The youngest of three, Brian is a native Washingtonian and attended the University of Maryland for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. Brian has traveled extensively including time in Africa, South America and to numerous cities across the US. He was nominated for 2010 Teacher of the Year in Prince George's County (MD), and is currently an instructional team leader in Montgomery County (MD). He founded and manages Red Carpet DC, the city's premier event planning and entertainment marketing company. Brian has also served as the Director of Training for the Security Ministry at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, and assists other churches in addressing their security and safety needs.

How we met

Soyini: On September 21, 2011, three days before my birthday, I was debating whether to attend a networking event in Washington, DC during the Congressional Black Caucus Weekend. It was raining, and I had been out all day, but decided to attend. While there, I ran into some people I knew and I decided to go upstairs to visit the various presenters at the event. My intuition was telling me to go upstairs, and when I did I met the love of my life! I was immediately drawn to his smile and his energy, and instantly felt comfortable as if I had known him already. Overall, I had a really good feeling about meeting him.

Brian: On September 21, 2011, my company - Red Carpet DC - was sponsoring a networking event as part of the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Weekend in Washington, DC. Despite being the sponsor, I was debating whether I would actually attend. But, I decided to go, and while there I met Soyini. I was immediately taken with her "light" and just a great energy. Once we met, I couldn't stop thinking about her, and reached out to her. The rest is history, and I am sooo glad I went that night!

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